You have the power.
Lemon Laws are putting power back into the hands of the car owner. These laws are on the books to protect people like you who have bought a vehicle with defects that the dealer cannot or will not repair. If you bought a lemon, you have recourse.

Your lemon could go away for free.
Lemon Laws in most states and the federal Magnuson Moss Act give you a powerful and effective way to get rid of defective vehicles and receive compensation for your troubles. You also may be entitled to have your loan paid off, get your money back and even receive reimbursement for out of pocket costs including towing, rental cars and more.

The dealership and carmaker have attorneys. So should you.
If you think you have a lemon, don't count on the automaker's good faith to repair or replace it. Contact Lemberg & Associates LLC immediately. You could spend months wading through the automaker's "owner loyalty hotlines", "customer satisfaction departments", or "quality care divisions" while waiting for your problem to be resolved. These departments rarely solve lemon problems and don't offer meaningful, immediate assistance.

Don't put your problem on hold.
Calling the dealer's hotline may even delay solving the problem more in the hope that you will give up and sell the car or trade it and buy another. Actually, that's what they want because now the manufacturer doesn't have to accept the financial obligation and disclosure requirements that go along with buying a car back a "lemon".

Have a lemon? Call us today.
You need to call Lemberg & Associates LLC. And actually, it's free. That's because attorney fees are included in Lemon Law settlements, so there's no reason to go it alone any more. If you purchased a defective vehicle in Connecticut , Massachusetts , or New York , Lemberg & Associates LLC can help you file a Lemon Law Claim.

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