Is your Mazda MPV a lemon?

Mazda forayed into the minivan sector in 1998 but the model got major revamp in the year 2000. Mazda has regularly been making some change or the other from time to time to its Mazda MPV. It is considered a fine dependable family transport. It has a family face with grille, bumper, and headlights. It also has body-color door handles, privacy glass and restyled rear lights.

It might seem that since the company has been making modifications to this model, Mazda MPV should be right up the ladder where consumer satisfaction is concerned, but complaints lodged by the consumers tell some other story. Mazda MPV is characterized by a large number of complaints, both in official government bullitens, and in online postings.

Some of the common problems as filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are as follows:

  • Vibration problems
  • Excessive wear of OEM tires
  • Transmission problems And Shift Shock
  • Engine run-on
  • Oil leak and Tranny Slipping concerning transmission problems
  • Cracked exhaust manifolds
  • Defective spark plugs

These problems have led to recalls. In some cases, fuel injectors were not properly matched to the lower intake manifold and that resulted in fuel leakage. Complaints have also been filed for defective door locks. It has been seen that when the childproof locking system is engaged, the rear doors may not lock completely. The main reason behind it is the accumulation of dust in the locking mechanisms. Problems have also been found with the airbags.

The most persistent and the most troublesome problem with Mazda MPV is "Shift Shock." It is no surprise then that various online forums are solely dedicated to the topic of Shift Shock in Mazda MPV. One of the customers has to say this. "I filed a lemon law request in New Jersey for my 2003 MPV which had 60,000+ miles at the time when the transmission failed in 2005. I believe the cause was shock-shift even though I took it New Jersey denied my claim, Madza, Mazda's District Mgr and Ford were useless and it cost me $3,500.

This is what another consumer had to say about his Mazda MPV. "I have a 2002 Mazda MPV and have had numerous problems with the transmission. I've had hard shifting from 2nd to 1st at a stop - Sometimes so strong it feels like we were hit from behind! I've have felt the transmission gets confused sometimes and jerks between gears. I have had it in 5 times from 22,000 - 48,000. Now I have almost 80,000 and I'm so afraid it's warranty will expire and the transmission will break. Since they can't "recreate" the problem they tell me it is operating as designed - I'm sorry but then the DESIGN SUCKS! Thanks!

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