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Lemberg Law Lemon Justice Scholarship Winner Announced

Posted on by Sergei Lemberg

Georgia high school student Mary Truong has been awarded Lemberg Law’s $1,000 Lemon Justice Scholarship. Her winning submission, seen below, illustrates the significance of lemon laws in cartoon form.

Truong, who has been accepted to Northwestern University’s School of Journalism, said she was excited to be named recipient of the scholarship and was happy that the medium she chose was successful. “I appreciated being able to spread the message about lemon laws in a way that seemed not too strict and formal,” she said. “Being able to explain lemon law in a comedic way is important.”

As president of her school’s National Art Honor Society, Truong says that she is familiar with promoting art that conveys a message. “We use art to try and help our local community,” she said. “Our motto is, ‘Art with a purpose.’”

Truong’s submission was an outgrowth of knowledge she gained in a graphic design class. “I created it in Photoshop,” she said. Although she is learning digital arts, Truong has spent more time with traditional mediums. “I mainly do art outside of school,” she said, noting that she works in acrylics, watercolor, and drawing.

Sergei Lemberg, principal of Lemberg Law, congratulated Truong on her achievements. “We’re happy to award Mary the Lemon Justice Scholarship, and wish her success in her college endeavors.”

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