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Lemberg Lemon Index: 2014 Model Year

Posted on by Sergei Lemberg

In 2014, there were 16.5 million new vehicles sold in the U.S. While manufacturers strive for quality assurance, a typical vehicle can have more than 15,000 components. It stands to reason that some vehicle components and systems will have defects. However, it is difficult to detect patterns and to determine the point at which the […]

$1,000 Lemberg Law Lemon Justice Scholarship

Posted on by Sergei Lemberg

Lemberg Law will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year. When we started the firm, we represented Connecticut and New York consumers in vehicle lemon law cases. Now we represent consumers in 28 states and the District of Columbia in a wide variety of consumer-related issues. But holding automakers accountable for defective vehicles remains near […]

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