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Australian Lemon Law Victim Refuses to Take it on the Chin

Posted on by Sergei Lemberg

TejShout out across the seas to Teg in Australian who bought a lemon Jeep and stuck it to ‘FCA’ aka ‘New Chrysler’. His lemon law video has been seen by millions. Chrysler gave him all his money back. But now Chrysler wan13563583_10157239104915438_1610033579_nts to shut him up sending all kinds of cease and desist demands.

But he isn’t giving up or giving in, now participating in a ‘destroy my lemon‘ event.

I’m proud of this guy. More people should have guts like him to fight the big corporations for the right result!

Australian lemon law appears to have major holes in it. The new Australian Consumer Law (ACL), developed by the states and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, came into force a couple of years ago.  It’s not as tough as US lemon laws.  The Australian Consumer Law applies to most goods and services, including new and used cars, except those bought at auction or private sale, where you’re still basically on your own.

When you buy a car from a dealer, Australians have legally enforceable consumer guarantees, including that the car is of acceptable quality (which includes being safe, free from defects and durable) and reasonably fit for any purpose you specify when buying it, such as towing. If you have what the ACL calls a major failure with your car, you are entitled to return it to the dealer to claim a refund, or a replacement — your choice of an identical new car or one of similar value.

It appears that the ACCC is the only entity responsible for the law’s enforcement, and there doesn’t appear to be any right to legal representation.

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