What are your Right?

You have rights

  • Start by finding an attorney. Generally speaking, it's best to have an attorney represent you in your Lemon Law claim. Vehicle manufacturers have powerful legal teams, and it's in your best interest to have an advocate who knows the law and works on your behalf.
  • Get ready to not pay one penny. The vast majority of the time, you won't have to pay for legal representation. That's because, in successful Lemon Law claims, the manufacturer is responsible for paying your legal fees.
  • What happens if you succeed? If you are successful in your Lemon Law Claim, you may ultimately return your car to the dealer or manufacturer and receive your money back or a new car. More often, you will file a breach of warranty claim and receive a settlement of a partial refund, while retaining ownership of the car. In either case, the manufacturer is liable for your attorney's fees.
  • Know your state's laws. Some states require that the consumer go through arbitration before filing a lawsuit, while others mandate it only if the manufacturer's arbitration process is certified, and still others leave the question of entering arbitration up to the consumer. In addition, you are not necessarily bound by the decision of the arbitrator. Even if you decide to enter arbitration, it is a good idea to have legal representation.

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  What are your Rights?
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