Get that lemon out of your driveway
You bought a new car so you wouldn't get stuck with someone else's problems. You didn't expect a lemon. But now your new car is driving like your old clunker, and the dealer is giving you a runaround about fixing it.

You are not alone
It's estimated that 5% of the 16,000,000 cars sold every year are lemons. That's more than 800,000 car owners that are as frustrated as you are. Frustrated with unforeseen repairs, delays and expenses. Now you're missing work and missing time with your family all because of a car. That's why Lemon Laws are such a hot topic. And that's why Lemberg & Associates can help.

Park your lemon. Call Lemberg.
We're Lemberg & Associates LLC. And we'll fight for your rights. Automakers and dealers can't give you the runaround forever, and the Lemon Law makes sure of it. Call TOLL FREE 1-877-77-LEMON right now to talk about your lemon, your situation and how we can help. We have phenomenal success rate of the Lemon Law cases we accept.

What's a Lemon Law?
Lemon Laws are state and federal laws that compel carmakers or dealers to refund your money or provide a replacement vehicle. In New York , Massachusetts and Connecticut , the manufacturer must make good on any vehicle that qualifies as a "lemon." What are your options?
Every year U.S. automakers buy back more than 75,000 cars, trucks and vans- and that's not counting motorcycles, RV's, and mobile homes. These are "lemons" - vehicles with some sort of manufacturing defect that cannot be fixed by the dealer. But the only way to make sure that you turn your lemon into a new or repaired car is to call Lemberg & Associates at TOLL FREE 1-877-77-LEMON right now.

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