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What's a Lemon Law?
Lemon Laws are state and federal laws that compel carmakers or dealers to refund your money or provide a replacement vehicle. In New York , Massachusetts and Connecticut , the manufacturer must make good on any vehicle that qualifies as a "lemon."

What are your options?
Every year U.S. automakers buy back more than 75,000 cars, trucks and vans- and that's not counting motorcycles, RV's, and mobile homes. These are "lemons" - vehicles with some sort of manufacturing defect that cannot be fixed by the dealer. But the only way to make sure that you turn your lemon into a new or repaired car is to call Lemberg & Associates at 1-877-77-LEMON right


Contact Lemon Justice today. This site is provided by the experts at Lemberg & Associates LLC, and they welcome the opportunity to serve you. One of our associates will contact you within two business days.

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