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What's a Lemon Law?
Lemon Laws are state and federal laws that compel carmakers or dealers to refund your money or provide a replacement vehicle. In New York , Massachusetts and Connecticut , the manufacturer must make good on any vehicle that qualifies as a "lemon."

What are your options?
Every year U.S. automakers buy back more than 75,000 cars, trucks and vans- and that's not counting motorcycles, RV's, and mobile homes. These are "lemons" - vehicles with some sort of manufacturing defect that cannot be fixed by the dealer. But the only way to make sure that you turn your lemon into a new or repaired car is to call Lemberg & Associates at 1-877-77-LEMON right


If you have purchased a 2005-2006 Yamaha Road Star motorcycle and are experiencing problems similar to backfiring, popping and/or stalling out you may have rights that should immediately be protected. Please contact our law firm immediately.

According to published reports numerous makes and models of the Yamaha Road Star motorcycle have had problems and Yamaha has issued many recalls.

In many online articles and information pages one can see that Yamaha has had to make many serious recalls affecting thousands of bikes and these defects can seriously impair the use and value of your motorcycle.

If you have purchased a Yamaha motorcycle and are experiencing one of the above listed problems or something similar to it and the dealer has not been able to fix it you are urged to contact our firm immediately to protect your legal rights.

Our firm is currently investigating potential lemon law violations and a class action lawsuit under federal law against Yamaha Motor Sports. So if you have purchased one of these motorcycles you are strongly encouraged to contact us. Please keep in mind that you will never have to pay any fees.

If you fail to contact us and protect your rights you may lose some of your possible rights. Most state and federal laws have limitation periods, which could bar your right to recovery unless you act immediately.

Our firm has a large amount of experience representing clients in multiple states in this area and is currently pursuing other cases similar to the Yamaha Road Star motorcycle problems.

So please contact us at 1-877-77-LEMON to speak to an attorney specializing in this area about your claim.

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