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What's a Lemon?

Doesn't start? Doesn't run? Doesn't work?

That about sums up a lemon. Although laws differ from state to state, generally, a lemon is a defective vehicle in the first year or two of operation that the dealer or manufacturer either cannot repair after numerous attempts or refuses to repair. If you've repeatedly brought your vehicle in for service for the same or similar problem, and it still isn't fixed, you probably have a lemon.

If it's the first year or two, you're covered.

Although the laws vary by state, most new vehicles are covered by Lemon Laws. In most states, the vehicles must be owned and operated by individuals and their families for personal use. Motorcycles, motor homes, and off-road vehicles may also be covered by Lemon Law.

Have you owned your vehicle for more than a year or two? You may still be covered.

If you've owned the vehicle longer than your state's Lemon Law dictates, it may still be covered under other State laws and under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal law that covers any product having a warranty that costs more than $25. In many states used vehicles are covered by a Used Car Lemon Laws.

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